Thursday, July 9, 2015

A New Home

It is finally time for an update! This might not be an update for some, as this "new" life of Robert's and mine has been going on since June, but it is time to actually document what has been going on with the Lews! Long story short...we are officially Texans again! But if you know me, you know I cannot keep it short and I have to fill you in on all the details, so let's dig in, shall we?

We said our bittersweet goodbyes to Poland in the middle of May, only two days after we returned from our European Adventure. From there we headed to Kansas for a couple of weeks to spend some sweet time with family and then from there to Texas to spend more time with family! Lots of traveling and lots of reuniting and fun times with those we loved, it was a great start to our summer. And then June came and our new adventure began!

We have officially moved back to Texas (!), Midland to be exact and we are so excited. Our time overseas was everything we imagined it to be and so much more. We were able to spend the first two years of our marriage in a foreign country and adventuring our little hearts out together. We got to spend almost all day together every day. I tell people that overseas we had to get used to spending so much time together (which we eventually did and seriously, it was such a blessing!) and now we are having to get used to spending much less time together. This whole working woman thing is a whole new ball game, very different than my stay at home wife gig BUT gladly welcomed! Which brings me back to our move back to Texas and all the little details.

Back in December, Robert and I started discussing the possibility that this could be his last year of basketball, We started to feel like it might be time to move back home and start our next chapter. So we prayed and discussed lots and lots. Then at some point we felt like it truly was time for our next adventure. After lots of phone calls and plenty of brainstorming, everything started to fall in place pretty perfectly, God had a plan indeed. Robert got a job with an oil company here in Texas, and then once we knew exactly where we were headed, I applied and got a job as a labor and delivery nurse at a hospital here! We were both very excited and thankful and now that we are here it is even better than we hoped. We both are truly loving our jobs so far, which we are so,so grateful for.

So our past month (and a half) has been busy, busy, busy but in the absolute best way! We moved to a new city, started jobs, and we are in the process of settling (and decorating!) our apartment, visiting churches and hanging out plenty with new and old friends...all of the fun stuff! And all of which are reasons we are so glad to be back in the good ole' USA.

Do we miss Europe?? Of course. We knew we would. But we are also completely enjoying our new adventure. We truly felt like God was leading us back home and we feel so grateful to be here. Plus, Robert promised plenty of future European vacations- whoo, whoo! I am saving those dollars now! Europe holds such a special place in our hearts and always will. I feel like living overseas made us grow as individuals, as a couple and in our faith...our time there taught us more than we could ever imagine, and I believe and truly hope we are better people because of it. And now it is time for a new journey and we couldn't be more excited.

Of course I cannot end a post without a few plenty of pictures...

We said goodbye to Poland, way too early one morning and with plenty of luggage.

We made it to Kansas! We were able to see Rob's brother and sister graduate...

From there we visited family and picked up all our wedding gifts..yes from two years ago! They have been in storage the entire time we have been overseas and it has been the best to open it all and finally put it all to's like Christmas!

Next stop our new home! Tons of unpacking and shopping with this guy...

My brother is staying with us for the summer while he has an interniship and at the beginning we had plenty of picnics...

We have more than enough household items, thanks to all of our wedding gifts but started out with zero picnics in the living room it was. In the past few weeks though we have slowly been furnishing our apartment, thanks to lots of good deals...DIY projects coming your way soon! is just so fun. Follow me @bailewandowski.

We have been cooking lots and let me tell at an American grocery store?? It has been the best, too crowded, but still the best. So many choices and complete with every single ingredient I need...very different from the Polish grocery stores.

A few sneak peaks of our apartment, lots of decorating and DIY happening. I have big plans for this estate sale find...

Our first big boy and girl purchase? A king size decision ever

In the middle of June, we celebrated our second anniversary! It consisted of a nice dinner out, sweet gifts and plenty of time with my handsome man.

My Dad, step-mom and brother and sister came into town to celebrate Father's Day! They were our first to host in our new apartment and it was wonderful. Lunch was just an hour late...I'll get there. 

We went to Lubbock a couple of weekends ago for a wedding, my cousin's baby shower and for lots of family time.

And then we celebrated the fourth at a friend's ranch with a cookout and fireworks. And for your entertainment, .01 seconds after this picture was taken we went crashing to the ground, broken hammock and all.

And now here we is July, it is summer and we are ready to soak up every moment! Also, if you made it through this whole post, I am sending you big hugs and a huge plate of my mama's chocolate deserve it.

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. What a crazy year it has been for you two! Congratulations on your new job, that is so exciting!

  2. Yay for you guys being back in the States! You know when things fall into place with relative ease that it's what you're supposed to be doing. I'm glad that it's worked out so well for you guys up to this point! I can't wait to see more of your adventure back here in the States!! :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. It sucked me in the entire time and didn't feel like it was long at all. So happy for you two!

  4. Congrats guys!! I spent a summer working in Midland for Kinder Morgan while I was in college! I've heard it's growing too - so glad you both found jobs so quickly!! Love all the photos, but especially the flower crown one!! :)

  5. Yay, yay, yay for new adventures!

  6. Congrats!!! So many wonderful things happened for you two this year. Your apartment looks great!

  7. How exciting!! I'm sure it's such a big adjustment for you all but what an exciting adventure! I bet it does feel like Christmas finally getting to open and use your wedding gifts :)

  8. So happy for you guys!!! What an amazing adventure you had over the past two years but there's no place like home! :) Yay!

  9. Good luck on your new adventure! My family is from Midland so I've spent plenty of time there. I know what you mean about getting to spend so much time together overseas- that's the best part!

  10. How exciting!!! And what amazing adventures and memories you will have from your time abroad... such a blessing and fun thing to do with your hubby :) :)

  11. Welcome home, beautiful!!!! Cant' wait to see what your new adventures hold.

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  13. Congrats on a new chapter of life and new jobs for you both! So exciting to be home and able to settle down! Wishing you guys a wonderful rest of summer! Love catching up with yalls life on here! :)

  14. Welcome back! It seems like you just started to unpack and barely fixing things in your new home. I'm hoping that you'll be able to finish all those designing and make-overs projects that’s going on in your house soon. Keep posted for more updates, Bailley! :)

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

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