Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life's Little Moments: August Edition

I cannot believe August is already over. Seriously, the summer flew by! But, I do have to admit I am pretty pumped for fall. 

Lots of fun times in August. Sweet little moments I want to remember!

 We went to Breckenridge with Roberto's family and had such a wonderful time. 

 I tried making cookies to take on our trip and if you can't tell...chocolate chip cookies gone wrong. They were like rocks.

 Sweet times with the husband on vacation. 

 Roberto and Brock having way too much fun in Chick-fil-a, they kind of like being brothers {in-law}. And Rob made a replica of me out of leggos! See the resemblance?

 I read this book at Barnes and Noble and just loved it! I picked it up every time we would go while Rob was studying and ended up finishing it. I mentioned to him how I would love to own it so I could re-read it at times, and then he got it for me for an early bday gift! If you haven't read it yet, it is pretty great.
 We celebrated Rob and my brother's birthdays this month. It was so nice to celebrate these amazing men a little extra!

 My mama's dog...Charlie. She is never this calm, so a picture was a must. 

 We celebrated sweet Jocelyn one weekend at her Bridal Shower. So excited for her and her man, September 27th, get here already! So so thankful for these friends.

 Robert and I enjoyed a date night at the drive in which was so nice. And then we swam and swam at my dad's house one day. Soaking up those last few days before the littles went back to school!

 Those boys had a blast.

 This was the month of birthdays! We also celebrated sister Kinley at the end of the month. I mean is there anything cuter??

And main squeeze left for Poland. Sure do miss that smile. You can read more about that here.

August you were too good to us. September we are ready for ya, lots of festivities happening this month and I can't wait! If you want to follow along day by day you can follow me on Instagram!

Happy Friday friends!



  1. I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch one time...and forgot the SUGAR!! They were horrible! Baking is hard!

  2. Haha oh no to the cookie fail! The rest of the pictures look really fun. You're gorgeous girl.

  3. Wow, you definitely packed a lot into August! I'm cracking up over that Lego replica :)

  4. August was busy!
    I have definitely made cookies like that....actually, quite often.
    I should totally pick up The Nesting Place!

  5. Looks like a wonderful month! Chocolate chip cookie fail and all ;) (I fail anytime I try to bake anything...).

  6. Boo on rock hard cookies!
    That Lego creation is amazing!!!!

  7. Haha those coolies - I just did that a few weeks ago! I am jealous of your pool time!

  8. Such a fun month! Love your pictures!

  9. You are so pretty and your kids are adorable! I am no good at baking so I am sure that if I tried to bake cookies I would do much worse! LOL


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