Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthday Boys (&our weekend)

These two handsome men celebrated their birthday this weekend! When Rob and I first met we soon realized that he and my brother shared the same birthday, I knew it was just meant to be after that {insert winky face}. We had such a fun couple of days loving on them and celebrating them a little extra. We decorated with balloons and a homemade poster, enjoyed my mama's famous casserole and led the boys to their presents with a little {and so fun} scavenger hunt. 

We ended the night with cake and an ice cream bar, of course!

Roberto in his new might have been his favorite. And more for my remembrance sake, I got him a button-up and made a "25 reasons Why I Love you {for your 25th birthday}" photo book, as well! 

Sunday {their real birthday} was filled with church, chipotle, naps and a movie date. The perfect relaxing day. 

Happy, Happy Birthday to the best husband and brother! Love you two so, so much.

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  1. Aw looks like such a fun birthday weekend!! So great y'all get to spend a ton of time with your family now that you're back!


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