Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Perfect Afternoon: Rothenburg

Before we left Germany, Robert and I decided to take another little day trip. Our last one before heading back to the states for the summer! It was kind of a no brainer where to visit. After recommendations from friends and Rick Steve's calling it Germany's Fairy-Tale Dream Town, we knew Rothenburg (specifically, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, there are other Rothenburgs in Germany) was the place to go! And I must say, it did not disappoint.

Beautiful colors, tons of charm and plenty of fun shops. 

and...lots of sausage, of course. 

After exploring down streets, out next stop was a stroll around the town wall. It provided some pretty amazing views...

Have I mentioned how much I love these pretty red rooftops, I think they are just gorgeous!

The only issue? Robert was a little tall for the wall height. He was a great trooper though and it made for some pretty good laughs.

In my opinion, this town is the epitome of a charming, German town. Everything from the architecture to the differnt colored bulidings to the medieval vibe.

 Rothenburg is the birthplace of the Schneeball. Translation- snowball. Another translation- a big ball of fried pie crust. Robert tried it and said it was pretty good but that he would much rather have an ice cream cone...

Our favorite part of the day and our favorite part of this town...

I mean, look at that view. I was blown away. There is a little look out area/park at the edge of town and it was beautiful. Like take your breath away beautiful. 

It was the perfect place to sit on a bench, talk about life and soak up the beauty of God's creation. 

This was a great afternoon. There is not a ton to see in little Rothenburg but it is filled with so much charm and beauty that you leave feeling blown away. Rick Steve's was right, a fairy-tale town for sure.


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  1. These are beautiful pictures! The town looks like something out of a fairy tale. Love!

  2. Wow! That does look like a beautiful town! I will have to add that my list of places when I get back over there.

  3. Those pictures are amazing! And that ball of crust looks divine!

  4. Those pictures, that view! Beautiful!

  5. A charming town for sure, looks beautiful!

  6. These are gorgeous. It looks like a village or town out of a fairytale storybook...love! Xx.

  7. Omg gorgeous, I can't even get over how beautiful this place is. I'll put in on my list of places to see in Germany,if I ever get back to Europe. God I hope I do!

  8. Fairytale Dream Town, indeed! It's AMAZING.

  9. We don't make it down south much, but Rothenburg is for sure a place I want to see. I have heard nothing but good things about it. Great pics!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I must admit I've never visited Southern Germany (although I'm German) but your pictures make me regret this fact a bit ;)

  11. The colourful houses remind me Warsaw! Looks like a great little place.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I just love the german architectures and the colours they use for those houses! I also just love the juxtaposition of the town with the fields in the background! I had never heard of Rothenburg but it does look dreamy with the greenery and the flowers and the beautiful views!x

  13. Wow! Gorgeous pictures and what a beautiful place!! I've never heard of it, but it's going on my wanderlust wish list. :)

  14. My husband's home-town in Germany is a less-touristy version of Rothenburg. I love both places, but if you're ever back in Germany again, you should check out Dinkelsbuehl, especially for their Kinderzeche festival in July!


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